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The Ultimate Sculpted By Aimee Starter Kit

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Written by Ashley Williams

Sculpted by Aimee Cosmetics is nothing short of amazing! Founded in late 2016 by pro makeup artist Aimee Connolly, the Irish brand’s goal was to provide busy makeup junkies with high-quality products that wouldn’t break the bank. After years of working in the industry, Aimee had so many tip-top tips and tricks that she wanted to share, which is why Sculpted by Aimee was born.

Sculpted By Aimee is a lot more than just a collection of aesthetically appealing items. This brand was created out of passion and its mission is about tapping into the inner power and beauty of each person who wears it. Aimee believes that no matter what you put on, you should always feel your best and walk with confidence. Her products are integral pieces to living your best life with style and charisma! Sculpted By Aimee isn’t just about looking great, it’s also about feeling great too!

If you’re just discovering Sculpted By Aimee, or if you’ve been a fan for a while and are looking to build your collection, this blog post will feature Sculpted By Aimee‘s ultimate Starter Kit! It includes all of their top 8 best-selling products that every makeup lover needs to have. So, let’s get into it!

Sculpted Start Pack

Sculpted By Aimee is an amazing source of the latest and greatest makeup trends, with over 80 options to choose from! If you’re having difficulty picking out where to start, taking the guesswork out of it, Sculpted By Aimee has created their Ultimate Sculpted Starter Kit. This kit is perfect for anyone who is looking for a fun and fuss-free introduction to Sculpted By Aimee’s expansive range! Here’s Sculpted By Aimee‘s top 8 products that you get in the Starter Kit:

1. HydraGlo

Sculpted By Aimee‘s HydraGlo is the essential step when it comes to perfecting your base look. This ultra-rich serum contains all the good ingredients you could wish for, including Niacinamide to brighten and smooth your skin, ceramides to strengthen, Shea butter for moisture and of course, hyaluronic acid for intense hydration that lasts all day. Instead of having a 1000-step routine just add HydraGlo to your prep and be ready to glow! And that’s not all – it can also be used morning and night before moisturiser or primer so you’ll never have to worry about your makeup slipping off again. Sculpted by Aimee‘s HydraGlo is definitely something worth adding into our lives!

2. Beauty Base

Sculpted By Aimee‘s Beauty Base is a must have if you want your skin to look perfect each and every day. It offers a unique twist on primers with Beauty Base, providing you with advanced skincare technology and a radiant finish. It’s super lightweight, provides SPF30 protection, moisture and conditioning peptides to boost collagen in your skin. Plus, you can choose from different shades of glow so that you’ll match your agenda for the day. Beauty Base Original for a golden glow, Beauty Base Pearl for a subtle pearlescent glow, Beauty Base Rose Golden for a champagne rose golden glow, Beauty Base Protect for the universal tone and shimmer free formula with higher SPF50, and Beauty Base Oil Control which provides maximum oil control, long-lasting hydration and bright, clear skin for oily skinned people.

3. Bases

Sculpted By Aimee has you covered whether you’re looking for light to heavy coverage, matte to dewy finish, and all skin types. Whether you’re on the hunt for a light coverage with their Tint & Glow range or wanting something more high coverage with the Satin Silk Collection, Sculpted By Aimee offers both plus a whole lot more! They also have Second Skin Matte and Second Skin Dewy which come in a mineral and talc-free formula so you can be sure that your favourite base is gentle on your skin. Sculpted By Aimee offers hints of colour in various shades from 30 different hues to make finding the perfect match for your skin tone an effortless task!

4. Concealer

Sculpted By Aimee is ready to help you achieve your beauty goals! With their revolutionary concealers, Brighten Up and Satin Silk, Sculpted By Aimee will have you looking flawless in no time. Brighten Up is especially designed for that delicate skin under your eyes but won’t crease or cake up on your skin. Looking for a multi-purpose concealer? Satin Silk is the one for you. Both provide coverage without feeling too heavy on the skin, so you can feel confident in your new sculpted look! Sculpted By Aimee’s concealers will leave you feeling beautiful and confident – all day long!

5. Bare Basics Palette

Sculpted By Aimee‘s Bare Basics Palette is the ultimate shortcut to getting full glam, in a pinch. Think of it as your very own personal assistant, to help you achieve any look with ease! Harnessing two irresistibly delicious colour stories, Nude 01 and Nude 02, this palette has you covered for powder bronzer, lightly tinted setting powder, cream highlight, blush and a selection of matte & shimmer eyeshadows that won’t let you down. Finding everything you need conveniently in one place is sure to make life that much easier – now all you have to worry about is what amazing makeup looks you can create!

6. Cream Luxe Blush

Sculpted By Aimee’s Cream Luxe Blush is bringing an extra dose of fun to your makeup routine. The five gorgeous shades guarantee you’ll find the perfect hue for your skin tone, and its creamy formula makes blending easy with either your fingers or a brush. You can even double up and add a touch of Cream Luxe Blush to your lips for the perfect finishing touch, so all you’ll be left with after applying it is blushing cheeks and lips that look gorgeous! Sculpted By Aimee‘s Cream Luxe Blush is a much-needed addition to any makeup bag – and trust us, you won’t want to miss out on this gem!

7. MyMascara

Sculpted By Aimee‘s MyMascara has been the talk of beauty aficionados since its launch and for good reason! Even if you have the fullest lashes ever, can’t quite compete with MyMascara’s plastic wand which curves and bends to reach each lash – making sure you get a long-lasting look that won’t budge. Its Pro Vitamin B5 extends further help ensuring your lashes stay healthy and hydrated. You don’t just have volume with this mascara, but beautifully thick, full-bodied and amazingly sculpted results too. Sculpted By Aimee‘s MyMascara is definitely worth the hype!

8. Lip Duo

Sculpted By Aimee‘s Lip Duo has been hailed a handbag hero, pretty much taking the guesswork out of choosing the perfect lip shade. With a twist up lip liner on one side and a twist up creamy lipstick on the other, you’ll score that perfectly defined pout every time because the liner is slightly deeper than the lipstick. Moreover, its luxurious formula applies smoothly and stays put through enjoying your favorite meals, so no need to worry about checking for midday top-ups – Sculpted By Aimee has you covered for any occasion!

Sculpted By Aimee creates stunning makeup products that are made to make you feel beautiful and confident. Their starter pack is the perfect way to dip your toe into the Sculpted By Aimee pool, but don’t think of it as just a starter – Sculpted By Aimee believes in their products and all the magical things they can do to transform your look. Whether you’re new to makeup or a seasoned pro, Sculpted By Aimee has something for everyone.

Sculpted By Aimee makes sure their products are the finest, with magical results! For some extra help, their Sculpted By Aimee team stands ready to assist in anything from finding the perfect shade of foundation to determining which lipsticks will be slayin’ all day. You can depend on Sculpted By Aimee for all your beauty needs from start to finish. Plus, why not have a bit of fun in the process? With Sculpted By Aimee you’re getting quality products and tips that begone above and beyond the basics – like having an expert at your fingertips!

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