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Read This Before Buying a New Keyboard

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Written by Kenny Axel

If you’re in the market for a mechanical keyboard, Keychron is definitely worth checking out. Their keyboards are some of the best values for your money, and they offer a lot of customization options to make sure you get the perfect keyboard for your needs. Plus, they have a wide range of accessories and modular parts available to further customize your experience.

Who are Keychron?

In 2017, a group of keyboard enthusiasts with considerable expertise in keyboard manufacturing created Keychron. The team includes designers, marketers, and production experts. Will Ye has 9 years of experience in keyboard manufacturing and related businesses, while Sven Zhu has 10 years of industrial design expertise. They’ve committed to producing the most advanced mechanical keyboards with sleek lines, with affordable prices to match.

Range of products:

Keychron offers a wide range of mechanical keyboards, from budget-friendly wired keyboards to high-end custom pieces. They also have a variety of accessories and modular parts available to further customize your keyboards, with hot-swappable keys and keycaps. Let’s take a look at some of their most popular products:

Normal profile keyboards:

These are among their best-selling keyboards, and some of the most popular on the market. In this line you’ll find the K2 (75% board) which is one of their most popular keyboards, K4 (96%), K6 (65%), K8 (80%), K10 (100%-full size), K12 (60%), and K14 (70%). These keyboards feature a full-hight frame and switches, and offer the option for hot-swappable switches. They all come in plastic/aluminium configuration, and the typical Gateron red/brown/blue switches you’ll find in most mechanical keyboards.

You can Also choose between white and RGB backlight for the keyboard, or no backlight at all for some of the keyboards. All of the boards come wireless with a USB-C cable for charging or for wired connection. With integration and included keycaps for both MacOS and Windows, this will make an excellent choice for those looking for a high quality, simple to operate keyboard at a really affordable price.


If you aren’t interested in wireless capabilities or looking to save even more money, there are also the wired normal profile keyboards to choose from. The C1 (80%) and C2 (100%-full size) are Keychron’s wired keyboards, which come with all features and configurations as the regular ones, aside from the bluetooth connection.

Low profile keyboards:

For those who want a sleeker look or just prefer low-profile switches, Keychron also offers the K1 & K1 SE (80%), K3 (75%), K5 & K5 SE (100%), and K7 (65%). These keyboards come with Gateron low-profile red, brown, and blue switches. All options of configuration for the backlight and frame are the same as for the normal profile boards, with the one exception being the hot-swappable options.

Because of its short profile, changing switches for a mechanical low-profile keyboard will be nearly impossible and very expensive, the hot-swappable keyboards are optical (and not mechanical). This means that they don’t have the “clicky” feel or sound of a regular mechanical keyboard, but they are still satisfying to type on.

Custom keyboards:

But it doesn’t end there. For enthusiasts who want a truly unique keyboard, Keychron also offers custom keyboards. These are fully customizable, from the layout to the switches, keycaps, and backlighting. You can even choose the case material (aluminum or wood) and plate material (stainless steel or aluminum).

They have currently quite a few custom keyboards in the line, consisting from the V1 & Q1 (75%), Q2 (65%), Q3 (80%), Q4 (60%), Q5 (1800 compact), Q6 (100%), Q60 (60%), Q65 (65%), Q7 (70%), and Q8 (ergonomic alice layout).

Keycaps and accessories:

To further customize your Keychron keyboard, there are also a variety of keycaps and accessories available. You can choose from different materials, colors, and profiles (normal or low profile). Plus, can also get their M1 mouse, which is a light wired ergonomic mouse that has been designed to work perfectly for gaming.

There are also a few different types of wrist rests available: the wooden palm rest, the resin palm rest, and the resin/wooden combination palm rest.

Keychron is a great company if you’re looking for a high-quality mechanical keyboard. They offer a wide range of keyboards to choose from, as well as customizability options and accessories. If you want the best value for your money, Keychron is definitely the way to go.

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